Our Country’s First and Only Universal Network

old post office

The Postal Service is our nation’s only truly universal communications and delivery network. It serves as an important first- and last-mile role that connects individuals in our society to one another and that connects businesses to customers. Though its role has evolved with changing times since it was founded in 1775, the Postal Service’s importance to American life has not diminished one bit.

The Postal Service operates our nation’s largest retail network and is the ONLY delivery company that reaches every single American home and business. In fact, the Postal Service’s last-mile delivery network is so efficient that both FedEx and UPS pay USPS to reach the places across this country that their delivery trucks don’t serve. USPS delivered 1.4 billion packages for FedEx and UPS last year alone and has become pivotal for many cutting-edge companies like e-Bay and Amazon.

The Postal Service’s policy mandate to serve everyone — every American resident, every American business — makes it a vital conduit for American commerce and a key component of the nation’s economic infrastructure. Its distribution of books, newspapers and magazines makes it essential for our culture. And the growing role of voting by mail makes it crucial for our democracy.  The Postal Service is not an ordinary business — it’s an American institution. It may not be glamorous, but the Postal Service binds our nation together.

The Postal Service is our nation’s first communications network, one considered so vital that it was included in our Constitution. It is a network that must remain strong, reliable and delivering for America six days a week and direct to our doors.

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