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Postal Facts

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It is our country’s only universal communication network, reaching every American, six days a week, without a dime of taxpayer support.

An Unmatched Communications Network

The Postal Service delivers 160 billion pieces of mail each year to more than 153 million homes, businesses and Post Office boxes throughout the country. The Postal Service’s universal reach – its mandate to cover even the very last mile to touch every American, six days a week – is part of what makes it more than just a business and so vital to American life and the American economy. Learn More »

The Postal Service is Strong and Growing.

In recent years, the Postal Service has struggled against a combination of economic factors and regulatory constraints that has kept it from fully innovating for the 21st century.  But despite those challenges, the Postal Service is recovering from the Great Recession and is growing in key areas. In the last fiscal year, the Postal Service saw 3.2 percent revenue growth and made a $623 million dollar profit delivering the mail.  Learn More »

The Real Story about Postal Service “Losses”

An unnecessary congressional mandate is crippling the Postal Service. In 2006, Congress ordered the Postal Service to fund 75 years of retiree health obligations on a needlessly accelerated ten-year schedule. This $5.6 billion annual payment places a tremendous and onerous financial burden on the Postal Service and the mailing industry – and it is a burden Congress has placed on no other organization in the country, including itself. Learn More »

Cutting Service is Not the Answer

Many policymakers believe service cuts are the answer to the Postal Service’s financial challenges. But cutting Saturday mail, dropping door delivery, closing post offices, slowing delivery speed and eliminating middle class jobs won’t fix anything because providing quality service isn’t driving Postal Service losses. No company can grow or maintain its business by weakening service to customers. Learn More »

The Postal Service is not an ordinary business — it is an American institution that binds our country together. It was the nation’s first network, considered so vital that it was included in our Constitution. The mail matters.