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Delivering real postal reform


The U.S. Postal Service needs a plan that will allow it to thrive in the Digital Age, not quick fixes that settle for cutting services to customers.

Plans that settle for cuts are based on a faulty belief that USPS’ only option is to give up: by dropping door-to-door and Saturday service, by closing post offices and processing plants, by eliminating routes and by tearing apart its unique, universal service network.

We shouldn’t accept the slow destruction of a national asset. We deserve, and should demand, more.

A plan for postal success would:

  • Build on the Postal Service’s unmatched delivery network. In a 24/7 world, USPS should be building on its last-mile network, not tearing it down. Services such as Saturday mail and door delivery are critical pieces of this network. Congress should not call for their elimination in a panicked rush to cut costs. Learn more. »
  • Fix congressional mandates. Onerous mandates and inflexible, outdated product and pricing restrictions are weighing the Postal Service down. Congress should address the financially burdensome pre-funding mandate, as well as give USPS greater ability to adjust its mix of products and pricing to better serve all of our homes and businesses. Learn more. »
  • Free USPS to innovate and grow. Thanks to the explosive growth of e-commerce, the Postal Service has seen dramatic growth in package and delivery services over the last several years and continues to pursue innovative partnerships with online retailers and private-sector delivery companies. With the right support from Congress, USPS can better go after these growth opportunities. Learn more. »

With the right reform plan, the Postal Service can continue to do what it has done for nearly 250 years: adapt to changing technology and play a vital role in our daily lives.

Join us in promoting real postal reform.